The Body Haven

About Me

The Body Haven comes to you to nourish your body, mind, & soul. From the inside out we work together on bringing you to the person that you want to become. 

I came up with the idea of The Body Haven because "I" was looking for a place that offered me both body & mind stimulation but also calmness, a place  where i would be surrounded by positive & supportive people but also be challenged, &to know that when i walked through the doors of this Haven, i was walking into my special place. 

Keep Moving

​Come in...

Keep Breathing 

​​​​​​​"a sanctuary for your body & mind", wellness, apparel & events....

I am a firm believer that Age is Just a Number. Youth and vitality come from your spirit and your soul. As we live our lives we adjust to changes, embrace our new beginnings and appreciate where we have been. 

Having practiced various forms of Yoga for over 17 years, i bring a variety of styles to create unique, challenging, calming, empowering classes.

Certified Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training, and Personal Training. I've been active my entire life and don't plan to stop now.  As I've '"grown up"  I understand the importance of not only strength but ALSO mindfulness. Movement with Breath. They belong together. There is no life without breath.