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​Vendor's Practicing Ahisma 
The principle of nonviolence toward all living things

I've chosen the vendors I work with specifically for their mission statements & what they give to the community. I support Human Rights, Animal Rights &companies that respect Mother Earth and make business decisions to keep our planet Green and Safe and Growing.  Please see below for more about each of them.

​Yoga Democracy  brand adheres to strict standards of sustainability in its fabrics and manufacturing process.  95% of the fabric YD uses is made from recycled fibers. All of their recycled polyester is dyed using a zero-water transfer process. YD has a set a target of donating 10% of net profits to non-profits in the area of sustainability and environmental conservation.  Yoga Democracy recycles all paper used in dyeing. YD is almost 100% vertically integrated. They design, dye, sew and fulfill orders all under one roof. By combining this with an e-commerce model they can maintain low inventory levels to avoid waste and produce.  YD is Sweatshop Free! They support manufacturing in the USA. 

Jala Clothing brand believes in giving back through charitable services.  Jala established the Community Metta Project to offer support, contribution and a way to give back.  Yoga Gives Back is dedicated to helping mothers in India start their own businesses and send their children to school. 76% of India's population, 800 million people, live below the poverty line of $2.50 a day. Yoga is a gift from India and purchasing the Yoga Gives Back allows you to give back 100% of the profits from the tank collection which will support the mothers and children.   Also, Jala is committed to following ethical, sustainable, and responsible business practices and manufacturing. Jala engages in green business practices including recycling trash, shipping boxes, clothing hangers, plastic bags and work in a paperless environment. We've opted out the use of heat or air conditioning to have less impact on the environment.

Elephant Pants is a corporate sponsor of the African Wildlife Foundation, The Elephant Pants donates a portion of every sale to help prevent elephant poaching.  The AWF works with land owners, government agencies, and communities to set land aside for wildlife conservation and keep it out of the hands of developers. In return the AWF provides economic prosperity by way of eco-tourism and works to educate the local populations about conservation as well as deforestation and possible alternatives. There’s been a 51.5 percent increase in those who believed elephant poaching is a problem. Still, more needs to be done to educate consumers to the dark reality of the ivory trade, and its connection to poaching.

Mika aims to produce affordable, fresh, flattering, feminine workout wear for women all over the world. Mika works to create clothing that allows women to feel comfortable and confident. Mika understands the differences and uniqueness each body has and strive to produce products which will encompass all.  Mika does NOT photo shop body parts & believes that sharing untouched bodies is very important to the core belief of their company: Empowerment. They make clothes for women to feel good in & in turn believe it is our responsibility to keep it real in the images we put out. Bends, rolls, bruises, birthmarks are part of life! It’s not about being perfect to us, it’s about showcasing beauty in it’s entirety.